Your IT Staff Are Asking For Help. Here's What You Can Do!

Your IT Staff Are Asking For Help. Here’s What You Can Do!

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It is commonplace in many companies to task their IT professionals with printer maintenance. It’s estimated that up to 40-60% of IT calls are printer-related, which means taking your in-demand IT staff away from higher priority tasks. Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider can alleviate this burden and provide other benefits to your entire company.

1. Transparency of Print Costs

A Managed Print Services provider will run an assessment on your print environment to identify your costs per printer. With this initial assessment you can make decisions to help reduce your overall printing expenses. Printing is the third highest expense for many companies, making this a powerful tool to reduce spending.

2. Automated Troubleshooting

IT professionals are highly skilled, and their talents are often wasted on everyday tasks like changing toner. With Managed Print Services, many of the common print issues have an automated solution, such as toner being provided at just the right time, reducing wasted time and supplies.

3. Simplified Invoicing

Rather than having to pay a number of suppliers each month, and not really knowing from one month to the next what your print costs will be, simplify your invoicing with Managed Print Services. Billing on an all inclusive, cost-per-page basis that encompasses supplies and maintenance charges will make forecasting your budget that much easier.

4. Free Your IT Staff

It can be incredibly time consuming to manage a fleet of printers, especially when you have to deal with  You can reclaim lost time and devote it to more valuable areas of your business.

Your IT staff shouldn’t be in charge of fixing all your printer problems, as it’s a misuse of their time and skills, and ultimately your money. By partnering with a Managed Print Services provider many of these tasks are transferred away from your IT team, while giving you a truer sense of your printing costs.

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