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What You Need From A Managed Print Provider

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Are you considering contracting with a Managed Print Service provider? Many companies are finding their print environments have become too cumbersome and complex to manage themselves, wasting time and money. A Managed Print Services provider can help you get the most out of your printers, while also saving money. But how do you know what provider to choose?

Basic Plans

Managed Print Service providers can offer a wide variety of services, making them beneficial to businesses of all sizes. However, most companies need at least a basic plan that includes the most commonly used services.

  • Print analysis – An MPS provider should conduct an initial assessment, but also a periodic analysis of your print environment. This allows you to continually tweak your services to maximize your benefits.
  • Predictable costs – One of the main benefits of MPS is the ability to control and predict your print spending. Your MPS provider should provide you with a predictable monthly invoice.
  • Strategic printer deployment – Where your printers are located matters. An MPS provider will help you develop a plan to space your printers around the office in a strategic manner, so each department has access to the printer that best suits their needs. This also often eliminates “local” printers used by only one or two employees.
  • Supply delivery – By monitoring your usage, an MPS provider can order your supplies so that you avoid wasted supplies and always have what you need on-hand.
  • Printer replacement plans – While your MPS provider should help you leverage your existing assets, they should also provide guidance on when and how to replace your printers for maximum performance.

Other Features

Businesses change, and you’ll want your MPS provider to grow with you. To that end, you should look for other important services offered by a potential MPS provider.

With customized workflows, an MPS provider will work directly with you to ensure your workflows work for your unique business, taking into account your current processes and goals.

Mobile printing is becoming increasingly important with today’s bring-your-own-devices and the expectation to be productive at home or while traveling, in addition to in the office. 24/7 service will minimize printer downtime.

With so many services to offer, Managed Print Services can revolutionize your print environment. If you’re not sure if Managed Print Services is right for your business, contact us for a free print assessment or give us a call and we’d be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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