Tips to Keep Your Productivity High When Working on the Road

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Business travel can be tough on your productivity. Even with the long hours, uncomfortable hotel rooms and that guy talking to you for the entire flight, you still need to get things done.

Here are a few tips to stay productive when you’re working on the road!

  1. Be prepared to work – Create a list of the essential items you’ll need for your trip to be productive like your laptop, tablet and smartphone and any accessories you’ll need. Remember to include batteries, cables and chargers.
  2. Get your documents in order – Sensitive data on your devices can pose a security risk if they’re lost or stolen. Remove all unnecessary sensitive data and store it on the secure cloud. Digitize documents you’ll need and scan them to the cloud as well. You’ll have 24/7 access from wherever you are and your data will remain safe and secure in the event your device is lost or stolen.
  3. Power up – Charge everything before you leave. It will save time and keep you from searching for an outlet at the airport. Once you’ve arrived, charge whenever you can. Better still, bring a portable device charger – just make sure to charge it before you leave.
  4. Use travel time wisely – Most flights offer free WiFi but even if you have the option, you might be more productive focusing on offline tasks like reading emails or checking in with the office.
  5. Choose your hotel wisely – Make sure it offers the amenities you need like free in room WiFi, plenty of workspace and a business center you can use. Stay in the same hotel when you travel to take advantage of rewards points, expedited check-in and other perks.
  6. Take care of paperwork on the road – This will save time at the end of your trip when you’re tired and jet lagged. Sort through receipts, organize contracts, business cards and other materials. Use the Xerox Mobile Link app to scan, fax and store your paper receipts while you’re traveling.

Simple steps can keep you focused and productive. Mobile solutions from Xerox can help you to never miss a beat when you’re on the road. Want to learn more? Contact us today and let us show you how Xerox can keep you productive wherever you are!

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