The True Value of Managed Print Services, Island Technology

The True Value of Managed Print Services

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For years, businesses of all sizes looking for ways to reign in print costs and improve document workflows have turned to Managed Print Services (MPS). The benefits of MPS are far reaching, affecting nearly every aspect of an organization.  Read on for a comprehensive list of the real benefits of this valuable service.

Cost Savings

Any business looking to reduce expenses and increase profits can achieve their goals with Managed Print Services which can generate savings in the following areas:

  • Maintenance – As print equipment ages and parts begin to wear, repair costs can escalate. An MPS provider will facilitate the timely replacement of aging equipment to keep you current with the latest technologies and features. Routine maintenance will help prevent many repairs and keep equipment in good working order.
  • Labor – Free up valuable IT resources and save on labor costs by allowing employees to focus on your business, rather than on issues pertaining to the operation, maintenance, and repair of print equipment.
  • Recycling – Reduce waste through the implementation of print rules and recycling efforts.
  • Monthly expenses – With one invoice, you’ll have a predictable monthly expense.


Networked printers contain an internal hard drive that saves information as documents are printed, copied or faxed. An MPS provider will ensure the data on your print devices remains secure, with up-to-date enhancements and software to prevent customer, personnel, and business information from falling into the wrong hands.


A number of key factors help determine the efficiency of a print network, including:

  • Printer Placement – Strategic placement helps to ensure the availability of print equipment in high traffic areas, while preventing backlogs.
  • Reliability – Preventive maintenance and proactive management of potential concerns means less downtime, and greater employee satisfaction.
  • Printer Capacity – An MPS provider will take the time to understand your business and the needs of each department, making sure each printer is right for the job.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Managed Print Services and how it can help streamline your print environment while improving vital business processes.

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