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The Benefits of Electronic Document Management

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In spite of the push towards a more paperless office environment, many businesses continue to struggle with managing paperwork on a daily basis; from contracts to invoicing, forms and records keeping. Once a piece of paper has been generated, it begins the arduous journey where it is stored, searched for, retrieved and perhaps stored again, costing businesses money every step of the way in lost productivity and ineffective collaboration. Issues are particularly noticeable in traditionally paper-heavy departments such as human resources or accounting, but there is a solution—digital documents.

An electronic document management solution can provide the necessary means to instantly increase production and efficiency, with streamlined document workflows to make document collaboration and retrieval easier than ever before. Here are three more reasons to consider document management:

  1. Continuity. Interruptions due to theft, or natural disaster such as fire or flooding, can be detrimental to your business, but with strategic recovery and backup solutions in place, information is kept safe and secure. Hidden under multiple layers of security, data remains confidential and protected from all types of threats, and regularly scheduled backups ensure all your information is available when you need it.
  2. Efficiency. Electronic document management increases employee productivity, improves customer service with more efficient processes, and allows management a clearer view of office workflows. With this added information, owners and managers can see which areas are operating at peak performance, and where others may need improving.
  3. Availability. With more employees working outside of the office than ever before, digital file sharing makes sense, enhancing collaborative efforts. With security protocols in place, files may only be viewed by those with permission, and it’s easy to track who has modified or viewed documents for a more thorough audit trail. Documents can be viewed from anywhere with an Internet connection on devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

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