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The Advantages of Managed Print Services

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Today’s printers are more advanced, compact, and affordable than ever before, but in order to take advantage of what this latest technology has to offer, it’s important that you develop and implement a winning print strategy. Managed Print Services (MPS) can help you achieve your goal of a more streamlined print environment, with a number of additional benefits to enhance your productivity and bottom line.

What is MPS? 

Managed Print is a service that is designed to assess, manage, and monitor every aspect of your print environment in order to optimize document workflow and output.

Benefits of Managed Print Services 

When you consider that print costs can consume anywhere between 3% – 10% of an organization’s total revenues, the need for effective print management becomes clear. MPS offers a number of customizable solutions to suit every size and type of business, with benefits that include:

Scalability – MPS can easily adapt to the changing needs of your business, ensuring your print network remains unaffected as equipment is upgraded, replaced, or relocated.

Cost Savings – After an initial assessment, an MPS provider will determine the cost of printing within your organization and identify areas of waste or unnecessary spending. By optimizing your fleet through the use of proper placement, elimination or upgrading of inefficient equipment, and the implementation of user-based print rules, most businesses can realize a cost savings of up to 30 percent.

Supply Management – By tracking your print usage, an MPS provider can ensure you never run out of supplies—helping to avoid a disruption in workflow or costly trips to your local office supply store. Integrated software can also help to detect issues with your equipment, many of which may be resolved remotely.

Free Up Local Resources – IT resources can be better spent on more complex issues, while experienced MPS professionals help to resolve printer issues including on-site maintenance, equipment replacement and repairs.

Customized Services – MPS provides advanced solutions for every aspect of your print environment including printer and network security, mobile printing, and document workflow solutions.

Real-time Assistance – Help desk representatives can help to resolve issues and assist with training for new or upgraded software on your print equipment.

Managed Print Services can help your business to succeed through increased productivity, enhanced document workflow, and a reduction in print costs. Contact us today to learn more!

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