Small Businesses Are Realizing the Benefits of Managed Print

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Printing, in particular, plays a large part in the small business workflow. According to a Quocirca survey, close to 75 percent of SMBs rely on printing to support their business activities.

Unmonitored print jobs, spending on excess paper and toner, redundant equipment, “abandoned” hard copies, old or obsolete hardware that doesn’t sync well to today’s software and the related downtime – all these factors cost a company money without delivering equal ROI.

Even for the smallest business, print costs can be a drain on budget and productivity. That’s why the choice for an increasing number of SMBs is to turn over their print fleets to a Managed Print Services provider.

“But,” you can hear SMB managers saying, “isn’t outsourcing an expense, too?”

To answer that question, compare the costs of going it “on your own” with the benefits of an MPS program:

  • An MPS partnership begins with an assessment of your workplace to determine the gaps, overlaps and wasteful practices that are affecting your expenses.
  • You then receive a custom-designed print program created with both your needs and your budget in mind.
  • MPS services include just-in-time stock of consumables as you need them.
  • Proactive monitoring of print hardware and software to catch small problems before they turn into larger issues.
  • User education can dramatically eliminate wasteful overuse of printers and copiers.
  • Print specialists take the burden off of IT staffers, allowing them to focus more on core business and less on printer troubleshooting.

Overall, a Managed Print Services program can save you both money and time – year over year – by delivering exactly what you need at that moment.

How to begin?

Contact a Managed Print Services representative for a free workplace assessment to learn more.

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