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MPS and Workflow: What You Need to Know

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When it comes to your print environment, workflow—or the tools and tasks your company takes to get a process completed—matters a lot. That’s because your printers are used within your company’s everyday workflow and they have the power to make things happen quickly or slowly.

Having the right printing technology in place can increase productivity in many ways—and having an effective Managed Print Services (MPS) program in place can speed up your workflow even more.

Why a Managed Print Services Solution?

A Managed Print Services solution will help identify the equipment you need to keep your workflow effective. In some cases, an MPS program will involve utilizing a combination of new and existing devices. An MPS program also offers the maintenance and support to keep your print environment operating at peak performance. With MPS, often problems can be detected before you even knew they existed!

MPS Makes Your Work Life Easier

Truly effective workflow is achieved when you have all of your equipment properly placed, connected and operational. Proper placement is often decided on a user-to-device ratio and a good Managed Print Services provider can help you determine what should be placed where for maximum effectiveness.

They can also install monitoring software that will continually collect data allowing for ongoing analytics and improvements.

An Example of Managed Print Services in Action

Consider the case of a company who needed a printer that could sustain a heavy volume of work for up to 10 employees. The all-in-one printer they were using had finishing capabilities for stapling, sorting and punching holes – but the scanner proved to not be up to the task of meeting the company’s needs when it came to digital storage. To rectify the situation, the MPS provider suggested desktop scanners for the users who scanned the most, which eliminated the burden from the printer.

In this case, the MPS solution was also to move the printer closer to the most users, which avoided the need for long walks to the printer. When it comes to improving workflow, every little step matters.

Will Managed Print Services Benefit You?   

To find out if Managed Print Services is right for improving your company’s workflow,  consider scheduling a complimentary evaluation of your print environment.

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