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How to Recognize When Your Printer Driver Needs an Update

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Printer driver software plays an important role by translating and transmitting documents to the printer.  As other pieces of software are updated and changed over time, printer driver compatibility can change.  Some signs that it’s time to update your printer driver include:

  • Quality of printing deteriorates – You may notice that your documents are not as clean and crisp as they once were.
  • Print jobs lost – The documents may never make it to the printer.
  • Printer malfunctions – The printer may report an error that cannot be easily explained.
  • Network connection problems – The communications between your computer and the printer may be unstable.

If these issues are already surfacing within your print environment, then it’s time to investigate whether your printer driver needs updating.

Some quick tips for updating your printer driver include:

  • Get the make, model and brand of your printer – Often located on the back or side of your printer.
  • Locate the right printer driver update – Visit the website of your printer’s manufacturer to find the appropriate update. Be aware that the latest update may not be the most appropriate update to fix the problem.
  • Install the update – If you don’t have an IT department to do this for you, the next step is simply downloading and updating the driver. The installer should take you through the process fairly quickly.
  • Test the printer driver update – After you have installed the correct driver update, do a few test prints from various applications to ensure that the update was successful.

After installing your update, you should see an instant improvement in your print quality and performance. Always update your print driver when it’s needed to keep your printers running smoothly and reduce any future problems with printing.

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