How Sustainable Are Your Print Practices?

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How green is your print environment? Today, sustainability is about more than simply turning down the thermostat or tossing your water bottle in the recycling bin. Sustainability at the enterprise level is a multi-faceted process that can be helped by partnering with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider.

Making simple changes in your print systems and processes can help you to save the environment, and put some extra money in your pocket at the end of the month! Let’s look at a few ways partnering with an MPS provider can help your business become a little more eco-friendly.

Getting Started with MPS

Managed Print Services can bring the green to your office! Starting with a complete assessment of your current print environment, an MPS provider will inventory your devices, measure usage, workflow patterns, waste and energy use.  They will use this information to set a baseline for where you are currently.

Next a provider will work to optimize your printer fleet. Older machines can be less then efficient when it comes to energy and consumables use. An MPS partner will work with you to upgrade your fleet to the latest energy efficient devices that can help cut print costs, reduce waste and lower your company’s carbon footprint.

They will next examine your output to eliminate unnecessary printing and replace inefficient machines with devices that include secure printing and document routing resulting in reduced paper consumption, less waste, lower consumables use and cost.  Educating staff and implementing print rules such as defaulting printers to black and white, double-sided printing will help further reduce output and waste.

Paper Consumption

Paper use is an area where simple changes can produce immediate, measurable results. Did you know:

  • The average employee uses an incredible 10,000 sheets of paper annually
  • 45% of those printed documents end up in the trash by close of business each day
  • In the past 20 years, paper use has gone from 92 tons to 208 tons annually – that’s a 126% increase!

Managed Print Services can help you reduce your paper use significantly by implementing an electronic document management system in your office, resulting in improved workflows, accessibility and security.

Get started today! Contact us today for a complimentary print assessment.

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