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Want to Reduce Your Print Costs and Increase Productivity? Consider Rules Based Printing

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Small and medium-sized business leaders are always looking for ways to reduce their costs, make their operations more efficient, and improve the overall quality of the products and services that they deliver. To work towards these goals, many businesses put rules in place that allow them to constantly measure usage and activity.

While tracking results can essentially be done in nearly every aspect of your business, many companies overlook their print processes. As a result, these businesses often end up wasting a lot of time and spending too much money on printing. So what can you do to prevent these inefficiencies? Consider rules based printing.

By adopting a rules based printing program, you will not only help to boost your workplace productivity, but you can also significantly reduce your printing costs. Rules based printing will generally save the typical small to medium-sized business up to 30 percent annually in printing costs, energy expenses and productivity.

As you develop your plan, think about how your operation uses printing. There may be some immediate opportunities that come to mind that will boost efficiency for both your employees and managers. Making your employees aware of the financial impact that inefficient printing practices have on your organization can help to get your entire team on board with this program.

Rules based printing embraces the following techniques:

  • Using your most efficient printers for large print jobs.
  • Limiting colour printing to certain employees and/or departments.
  • Setting printer defaults to black and white, double-sided printing for most jobs.

If you are interested in starting a rules based printing initiative, here’s how you can begin:

  1. Take an inventory of your printers. If you find that you’re using multiple printer vendors, you have a huge opportunity to save with better pricing by partnering with just one vendor.
  2. Determine what you spend on maintenance, paper, and related printing expenses. Again, working with one vendor can eliminate the need for multiple types of paper and consumables.
  3. Evaluate existing printing rules. If there are no current rules in place, gain an understanding of how the various departments within your organization print and for what purposes.

Consider having a professional conduct an office print assessment for you. An expert that specializes in printer technology and office optimization can help provide a useful perspective for establishing your rules based printing plan.

Do you know how much your business is currently spending on print?  Contact an Island Technology representative today for a complimentary print assessment!

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