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A Print Assessment Can Help You Uncover Your True Cost of Printing

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Many business owners struggle with obtaining an accurate view of their organization’s print expenses; in fact close to 90% of businesses don’t know for sure.  If you are responsible for your company’s budget, you may want to consider a print assessment.  It’s an easy, non-invasive way to gain immediate insight into your actual print costs.

A good print assessment can save you money

Getting your print environment assessed is a smart method of obtaining the information you need to reduce your printing costs and streamline your print environment. At the end of the evaluation, you’ll get a full report detailing you printing practices including:

  • A complete inventory of your organization’s print devices, including your networked and offline devices
  • Each device’s usage by user and department, including the amount of colour printing you conduct (as well as the amount of black and white)
  • Total energy consumption, and more

There are several methods of assessing your print environment, the most common are:

  • Deploying print assessment software: Print assessment software can accurately detail your company’s printing practices and provide a thorough report to help you measure your print usage and workflow. Many organizations see between a 20% and 30% reduction in costs after such an assessment and implementing changes.
  • Doing a walk around your print environment: This is a fast and easy way to get a snapshot of your print environment. However, you may miss some of the details that software will capture. To do an assessment yourself, simply walk around and audit your print environment, taking note of how many devices you have. You can run a print configuration at the start of the day and at the close to see a more complete view of your usage.
  • Professional Services: Larger businesses with multiple locations or an international footprint can benefit from a larger scale professional assessment. Because larger organizations often suffer the most from the lack of cost visibility into their print costs due to fragmented procurement or unintentional oversight, the return on investment is often equal to, or greater than, the scope of the study.

Many organizations never get a good grasp of all the costs associated with their print environment. A Managed Print Services provider can help by assessing your current practices, expenses and inventory, and instituting a series of changes designed to help boost productivity, reduce waste and increase your bottom line.

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