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5 Tips for Developing a Print Security Plan

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More and more businesses are falling victim to cyber thieves out to steal their data. While you may have a network security plan to protect your computers, do you have something in place to protect your printers? Often printers are the weak link that can grant access to your entire network. Use these tips to get started on your print security plan.

  1. Integrate your security plan. Printer security is a part of network security. You need to have an integrated plan to protect all the devices on your network, including the printers. Make sure every printer and device is accounted for in your plan, so there are no gaps or weak links in your network security.
  2. Secure the printer. A lot of security can happen at the device level. Encryption is an important step to protect your data coming in and out of your MFP. However, this data is also stored on the internal hard drive and should be regularly deleted. These two steps combined can help maintain the integrity of your data even if there is a breach.
  3. Limit access. Users should be authenticated before accessing your printer to ensure they are authorized to use it. Pull printing authenticates the user as they need to physically be at the printer to ensure print jobs are only released to them. This prevents unclaimed documents being stolen from the print tray.
  4. Monitor usage. While you hope nothing ever happens, monitoring your printer usage is the only way to detect a problem early and know exactly who is using your printers – and how. Auditing software allows you to track printer usage and ensure compliance. If an incident ever occurs, you will quickly be able to track it to the source.
  5. Get help. Print and network security are complex topics and too important to take a chance on. Fortunately, a Managed Print Services providers are experts in print security and can help you develop a strong print security plan that integrates into your overall network security.

Network security needs to be a priority for businesses in today’s digital world – and that means print security needs to be as well. By securing your printers, you are protecting your data, your customers, and your network from a data breach.

Do you know how secure your printers are? Take our free printer security assessment or contact us today to learn more.

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