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4 Tips to Enhance the Security of Your MFP

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In light of the numerous examples over the years of large scale data breaches, consumers, business owners and employees have become more self-aware when it comes to protecting their personal and business information.

Today’s multifunction printers are sophisticated devices that have hard drives and can connect with a variety of host applications and cloud-based services. Left unsecured, they are open to attack from hackers, just like your desktop computer.

There are steps you can take to protect your equipment, and your sensitive information, from falling in to the wrong hands.

4 Steps for Enhanced MFP Security 

  1. Secure the MFP – Passwords, swipe cards or features such as Secure Print can be used to authenticate users at the printer, ensuring that documents are not printed until the user arrives at the device. Access can be granted according to classification, further preventing unauthorized employees or guests from viewing, printing, or retrieving sensitive material.
  2. Secure mobile devices –  Many employees want the capability of printing from mobile devices. However, considering the increased security risk that this can create, it’s important to control access using the same methods above for your mobile workforce.
  3. Secure the hard drive –  User authentication prevents unauthorized access to your MFPs hard drive and disk encryption (in keeping with Advanced Encryption Standard) can help in the event of physical theft. Automatic disk wiping can be employed if the hard drive should fall in to the wrong hands.
  4. Secure the network – As with all network-enabled devices, MFP security should include SSL encryption and firewall protection, as data passing across the network is susceptible to viruses, data breaches or hacking.

For more tips to keep your print environment secure, contact an Island Technology representative today!

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