Business Printers, Copiers and Managed Print Services

The key to boosting productivity and maximizing profits for your Victoria, BC or Vancouver Island small business might be as simple as investing in a modern business technology suite from Island Technology Solutions, an authorized Xerox dealer. When you upgrade your office technology with new business printers and copiers you will find that your company enjoys reduced downtime, decreased material costs, and increased productivity. What business wouldn’t want that?

Replace Your Outdated Business Technology

Savvy business owners understand that innovation requires a certain degree of investment, especially if you want to succeed in the business world. If your business is still using outdated technology, you could be wasting as many as 400 work hours per year on preventable problems, and you might be throwing thousands of dollars down the drain on wasted materials. New business printers and business copiers offer fast printing speeds up to 90 pages per minute, and a single toner cartridge can print as many as 1,500 pages. When your business technology works this efficiently, the rest of your business will follow suit. It won’t be long until you start to notice a decrease in wasted time and materials as well as a related increase in profits and productivity.

Choosing the Right Printers and Business Copiers

By now it should be obvious to you that investing in modern printing technology is a solid investment in the future of your business. You will find, however, that there are many business printers and business copiers to choose from. To help you make your choice, contact Island Technology Solutions – we will help you to assess the needs of your business and assist you in choosing the perfect printing solutions to meet those needs. We also offer managed print services if you are looking for a more control over your office printing infrastructure.
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